How to get the party look today?

Courtesy of 2017 trends, looking like a Studio 54 fashion icon in 2017 is easy peasy. Ish. The key to nailing Studio 54 outfits is effortlessness and a dose of rich-nonchalance that has nothing to do with money, but you just act like you’re the richest bitch in there. This sounds very wrong, but it’s actually meant in good spirits.

After you’ve nailed that one, the next step is to pick pieces that you’d wear to a very posh evening event (like floor length gowns or skirts, sequins, glitter, stilettos, high slits, cleavage) and get creative with them, and always keep it to either one of the 2 extremes: very simple OR all out. Why do cleavage when you can do exposed nipples, you know? (well… again, were it not for the jail, who knows). Why do a bodysuit and mini skirts, or sequin pants (sequin pants?) when you can only do the former?

Rocking Studio 54 fashion is all about those very racy but kinda cool and glamorous details that have turned into trends these days. Dresses with a high slit and an open back, very low cut tops, jumpsuits, velvet anything, fur coats, glittery tiny dresses.

Stilettos, and thigh high boots, and bare legs or fishnets – all are party details meant to give a bit of racy retro vibes to today;s night glamour.

Oh… and natural hair: long, short, big, sleek. leave it. Bold lips, and tons of rings.

Source: TheFashionTag